easy come, easy go

by Don't do it, Neil

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Hazel Really nice album that i've been listening to a looooooooot. Very relaxing, just really cool overall. Could not recommend enough~ Favorite track: easy come, easy go.
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Salambo It's beautiful & I'm poised for more. Favorite track: unagi (feat. solely).
Elora Driver
Elora Driver thumbnail
Elora Driver feels soft and heartfelt while being rlly catchy at the same time, probably going to be my favorite album of the year 💫 I Love Mabel Favorite track: a new leaf.
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five days from today - june 7, 2018 - will be the first anniversary of me starting hormone replacement therapy. i began work on this album in september of last year. i got lost in the dark in november. i dug my way out in december. i finished the album late into this past may. now it's out. enjoy.

album is free or pay-what-you-want. if you like it but can't/don't wanna pay for whatever reason, plz consider sharing it with people who might enjoy it.

thank you so much for listening & please take care of yourself.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*♡+:✧.。~♬♩♪♩~♩♪♩♬~。.✧:+♡*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

many thx to Cass, Corinne, Rylin, Sean, Matt, Amy, Tyler, Kristopher, Ashley, Bardaree, & everyone who's supported me. you all rule.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*♡+:✧.。~♬♩♪♩~♩♪♩♬~。.✧:+♡*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


released June 7, 2018

♩ Mabel. vocals, guitars, synths, drum programming, mixing, mastering, pretty much everything.

♪ Solely. guest vocals on track 4.

♪ Cassidy. guest vocals on track 8.


all rights reserved



Don't do it, Neil Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Under the alias Don't do it, Neil, Mabel Harper blends the lilting warmth of bossa nova, the groove of R&B, and the ambience of dream pop with k-pop-inspired dynamics to present her own fierce-yet-vulnerable, uniquely canny take on sparkly pop music.

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Track Name: it sucks sometimes
i don't give a shit about what you say
i do this all day--talk down on myself
i've heard it all before
cuz i've said it all before
Track Name: idk
you said i'm as lame as you
you said i'm the same as you

but you say all these words, but i don't know
you keep telling lies, so i don't know
you never call me back, so i don't know
you made me fall in love, so i don't know
can't get you out of my head

you're a bad girl
i'm a badder girl
what trouble are you gonna get me into?
cuz if i'm gonna make mistakes i'd rather make them with you

you said you're ashamed of me
but i know you're the same as me

but you say all these words, but i don't know
you keep telling lies, so i don't know
you never call me back, so i don't know
you made me fall in love, so i don't know
can't get you out of my head
Track Name: pornography
you're my pornography
you're my something sweet
you know you're like a dream
and you're so good to me
you're my pornography
i'll be your hot and sweet
cuz you fuck good on me
you're my pornography
Track Name: unagi (feat. solely)
the hard part is over
my baby moved across the globe on me
i guess i'll see her in another lifetime or something
she tried to tell me that she loved me (nah)
thought she honest, but she wasn't, no
dead wrong, casualty of love
she's MIA now, she really gone
i shoulda let bygones be bygones
but i can't see other women, let alone
go on dates, movies, ice skates
cuz i be having flashbacks, i can't escape
still remember nights when
we'd take a nice stroll to the ice cream spot
i swear we was so tight then
i only wondered if your parents truly liked me or not
probably not
she got the job of her dreams now
here i am, writing love songs for free

bad bitch capers, i don't fuck with vapors
but papers, rolling papers not safer, but it is sacred
my vagrancy, wander through this pageantry like it is hell to me
i wander through a world built of lies that you've been telling me
like you've been sheltering me, like you've been breaking me down
till i was fragile, we was casual, but i don't like to fuck around
and now the sound of your voice is getting me dizzy
you're so hard to understand i should call you ulysses, oh missy
Track Name: lombard
i woke up way out of town
all sewn up, lying on the ground
and then you walked on over
you said, "girl, get sober and get the fuck out of lombard"

i'm too gay for everyone i know
except you, the one i show
everything weird about me
there's something weird about you, fucking weird about you

we'll get outta town
the fuck outta town
we'll get out of lombard
the fuck outta lombard

we'll get outta town
the fuck outta town

lombard's the same
as arcadia bay
trashed and laid to waste
all my mistake
are here on display
trashed and laid to waste

let's get the fuck out of town
Track Name: sure enough
how am i seen
how do i seem to you
i wanna be perceived as
bright and true
to know myself
through another's eyes
cuz if i don't know myself
how will i know i'm alive

but sure enough, i'll throw shade like summer
sure enough, i'll just stay a bummer
sure enough, i'll stay cold like winter
sure enough, i'll stay dumb and bitter

i want it all
but some don't have nothing at all
everything means nothing
everything means nothing
i want it all
when will i have enough
everything means nothing
everything means nothing
Track Name: my life outside of the party
i found myself sitting next to you
you turned to me, but i didn't turn to you
you went to sleep, and i watched you dream
i brushed your hair and hoped you dreamed of me
Track Name: easy come, easy go
i can honestly say on sunny days
that i find it hard not to hide
and let all these fucked up thoughts wreck me inside

mabel, come and play; we can play d&d at the park all day
baby, don't you know we're ride or die?
when's the last time you went outside?

i honestly don't know and maybe i don't care
(why don't you come outside?)
i might be a loner; maybe i'm just scared
(why don't you come outside?)
it's been a long time since i've felt alright
trust me, i wish i felt better
i wish i felt better

it felt like most of my life i was living a lie
now that i'm out, sometimes i wish i could run and hide

i honestly don't know, but maybe i'm just scared
(why don't you come outside?)
i might be a weirdo; maybe i don't care
(why don't you come outside?)
it's been a long time since i've felt alright
trust me, i wish i felt better
i wish i felt better

easy come, easy go
i wanna feel better
i wanna come outside
Track Name: dreams
only in dreams
everything feels fine
everything feels right
but nothing is fine

i can't help myself with you
you really threw me for a loop
and now i feel like a fool

i don't think i can see you today
cuz you make me so afraid
and now i don't know what to say

do i have the guts to call you up?
i swear i'm gonna fuck this up
and you'll finally know i suck

how can i possibly find a reason to cut this silence?
i think i might just be in love with your subtle violence

i'm starting to think love is just a cruel joke
cuz i still have hope
that everything will be just f...
Track Name: a new leaf
i'm taking care of myself today
i'm dropping all of my love, cuz it can't overcome my hate
i'm gonna forcibly reset my brain
and forget who the hell i was or what we were yesterday
i can't remain here with my mistakes
and i need a fresh start or i think i might break
so i'll be leaving, for both of our sakes
i've got a road to hit and a death to fake

i'm not a greater spirit; i'm just a girl with a lot of problems
and i know you won't want to deal with me, just sick old me
so when you're fast asleep, i'll be taking my leave
cuz today is the day that i take care of myself

i throw my cigarette filters on the street
who gives a shit? It's just asphalt and jacked-up concrete
maybe it's all futile, cuz most days are the same
but now i'm gonna try to finally go ahead and make a change

cuz i haven't been getting better; i have this wound that'll never close
i'm tired of suturing it poorly with withered rose and bitter prose
so when you're fast asleep, i'll finally go and take my leave
cuz you don't deserve me at my worst

cuz i'm so fucking wack, but you give me heart attacks
i know that shit sounds corny, but you deserve the whole story
but even if you deserve the best of me, you don't need my bullshit too
and that's why i'm leaving - cuz i hate me more than i love you